OSA Patient Risks One in Five Patients has Undiagnosed OSA (Download this document as a pdf)

The average patient is older, heaver and has more airway issues.

By nature, these patients are at a greater risk of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). It is estimated that as many as 24% of men and 9% of women have OSA. The real risk is that the majority of them are undiagnosed.

Actively reversing volatile anesthetics from these patients reduces risk.



Reduce Risk. Improve Life.

OSA Patients are not always easy to recognize since 80% to 95% of patients with OSA are undiagnosed. Obstructive Sleep Apnea also occurs two times more often in adults older than 65.


If you know or suspect a patient suffers from OSA, the ANEclear offers a simple, easy-to-use solution to rapidly reverse volatile anesthetics to quickly restore airway reflexes, thereby decreasing the risk of aspiration, apnea and re-intubation with a difficult airway.


Reverse Volatile Anesthetics, Restore Patient Airway Reflexes

Anesthetic Elimination with the QED-100

Extubation is a critical time in the management of known or suspected OSA patients. The potential for loss of airway control is present.

The ANEclear restores OSA patient airway reflexes quickly by:

  • Increasing cerebral blood flow to accelerate brain washout of volatile anesthetic
  • Increasing spontaneous respiration
  • Allowing hyperventilation to eliminate arterial anesthetic through the lungs without lowering PaCO2 and cerebral blood flow
  • Absorbing inspired volatile anesthetic to prevent anesthetic rebreathing

Rapid restoration of airway reflexes reduces the risk of post-extubation apnea and aspiration.

OSA Elderly Patient

How the ANEclear works for you

  • Activated with the flip of a switch
  • Placed between the endotracheal tube or LMA and circuit
  • Works with isoflurane, sevoflurane and desflurane
  • Adjustable breathing tube can be expanded or contracted to regulate CO2 level
  • No new drug interactions or side effects to consider

The ANEclear restores protective airway reflexes faster, resulting in a patient who can be predictably extubated sooner and a patient who is more alert at extubation.

A Simple Solution to Reduce Risk

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